Monday, December 26, 2011

Politics and Friends

I recently decided to use my conservative viewpoints and enter the political arena, by campaigning for a specific GOP candidate this year. Although I am 61 going on 62, I have never really been involved in a political race and have found this endeavor more than entertaining. With Social Media a rising influence in communications and advertising, especially in regard to political races, I have found that this is a serious venture and I have sufficiently alarmed several friends or what I thought were friends.

My Mother-in-Law and I have debated for decades (33 years of marriage to the same lady--My wife Kim) and we are usually docile in our discussions. With my entry into Facebook several years back I learned that a  person can pick up relationships from years past and make it just like we were never separated. Facebook has been a wonderful tool and has allowed me interaction with individuals from junior and senior high school that I thought would never transpire.

On the other hand some of my Facebook friends have turned downright ugly with their vocalizations and close to violent criticisms. I am more than shocked at what is said and how I am threatened, almost on a daily basis, for exercising my constitutional right and on my personal wall on Facebook. One individual (I think because of a lack of education) resorted to using every curse word in the book and chastising me beyond belief. I had to "Unfriend" him as his comments became absurd.

I have no qualms with discussing varying beliefs in a civil and adult manner and there is a large portion of the Facebook contingent, that actually can talk about politics without involving emotions. Those individuals I admire and offer free interaction. The close minded egos that refuse to consider any opinions beyond their simple minded mental activity. These creatures will be shown the door sooner rather than later going forward. I hate to be placed in this position, but I am left with no choice. life is too short to tolerate demented personalities.

As the campaign intensifies I will have to devote more and more time to helping my choice, especially in Texas, where we have two other candidates, he is running against. I sincerely feel that he will be the best choice and will refrain from mentioning his name since this is my profession. In addition, I have realized that I have devoted way too much energy and time to his campaign and need to restart my writing. In the end my writing pays the bills and not my charity work for a presidential campaign.

I have always heard that the two things you do not discuss without major dissension are religion and politics and I have discovered this axiom is true beyond belief! So to all my friends and readers more to come! Thanks for your patronage and I appreciate your support! May 2012 be good to us all and may our economy make a turn for the better.


  1. Mike,
    Nice job! You, like me, probably didn't touch a computer until the late 80's or 90's and we've really learned a lot. Of course, my being a technology instructor in Bill Gates' back yard (Kirkland, WA [state]) helped. I know you know I'm a "die-hard" Ron Paul supporter, but still, you and I agree on a lot of conservative issues/principles. I'm sorry some have blasted you...

  2. You say, "I am a soon to be retired retail business executive ". May I ask what business that was, i.e. the name of the company?
    I'm interested in how you feel about "Corporations" being persons, like the NeoCons got passed the Supreme Court. In my book, the corporations got "givebacks" from the workers hand over fist along with big tax breaks (you shoulda seen Boeings exemptions in Washington State.) when small business got left holding the tax bills. Worse, the corporations left the country to overseas to boot. So all the give backs, etc. didn't do anything but make the CEOS and corporate culture richer and the middle class desimated (no increase in real income now for 30 years)...just asking, Mike...

  3. I just made you some money. I went to the VistaWeb thing, and I marked it in my "favorites".
    Also went to Dewhearst's website. When a politician talks about cutting spending I want to scream!!! SCREAM!! Mike the only way to bring down the cost of government is to layoff all the bureaucrats over 50 years old, just like corporations do. They're on the high salary scale, they're thinking paradigm won't shift anymore (except me!) and they probably are tripple dippers anyhow. Let them go, and don't replace em! I don't hear Newt say anything like that, he just whines about how Ron and Mitt are kicking his ass!

  4. Wow, Mike great writing, I didn't think you were such an accomplish writer.

    By the way I love Ron!