Friday, March 1, 2013

Family Hair Cutters

I had a interesting conversation with my hair dresser today. her name is Betty and she is from Viet Nam. She trims my hair, my beard and eyebrows and cuts hair better than anybody I have used in the past. In addition she keeps me laughing the entire time I am in the chair. She recently has added my wife Kim and her sister Tracy as patrons, as they agree that she is fantastic and is well worth the measly few dollars she charges.

Betty has always worked for someone else and has had customers follow her from one establishment to the next, regardless of how far they have to drive. She is the epitome of customer service and never fails to ensure you leave happy and pleased with her work. Eight months ago she made a decision and joined "Family Hair Cutters" in Cedar Park.

She is enamored with my ability to travel and is fairly in love with conservative ideas, morals and platforms. Today we were talking about someone who had a recent divorce after 25 years of marriage and a couple of children. She stated that she just "doesn't get it" and replied that all marriages require work, so why divorce after so long.

We the discussed a burglary in her neighborhood and the fact that one of her neighbors was cleaned out while away on Christmas vacation at in-laws. She again couldn't understand why people do this and said "I guess I am old fashioned. Old Fashioned never kills". I thought it was a very prophetic statement and told her I had to remember the quote.

I asked her about the business and she paused and thought how to respond. She said it was growing, but her accountant had notified her that business taxes were going up 30%. This CNN article illustrates the point . She stated the salon might have to close if this came true.

I was crushed and told her I would write about her story and advertise for the salon she worked at. She is a very sweet lady that works harder than most men and women I have ever known and I would highly recommend her if you are anywhere near the salon! Obviously she does a fantastic job of cutting hair and I selfishly do not want to have to relocate again.

If you live in NW Austin, Cedar Park or Leander, please consider trading at:
                           Family Hair Cutters
                           1201 N. Lakeline Blvd.
                           Cedar Park, TX 78613
                           (512) 259-4097

The shop deserves a large following and I trust you will give her a try. Many thanks and see you at her salon!