Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Balearics

If I had a 24 hour layover in The Balearic Islands off of Spain, I would make a beeline for Menorea. It has more beach area than Ibiza and Mallorca combined. Also, the island is probably more my Baby Boomer style and is still fairly undeveloped. I would check in at the Hotel Tres Sants, situated over the old Roman tombs, in the town of Ciutadella and settle into one of its eight magnificent rooms. A marvelous double room can be acquired for $136 USD. A great value under any circumstances.

After settling in and taking a breath, I would haul buns to Macarella Beach and snorkel, swim and take in a few rays of the Golden Spanish sun. Snorkeling is one of the most underrated activities present on beaches and can release a plethora of stress related pressures. As I am fair skinned, I probably wouldn't last more than an hour or two, without turning into a tomato. I would then make my way across the island and soak in the medicinal mud of Cavalleria Beach and bake for a while, or at least until I felt that moisture had returned to my outer membrane. 

By this time I am sure I would be starving and would return to the hotel, clean up very promptly and prepare to fill my ravenous body. Even though it is situated on the far side of the island, I would head straight for the Restaurante Trebol and feast on fresh Lagostinos. Most entrees are less than $20 USD.

After such a long day I wouldn't be adverse to a quality postre and would make sure I left enough room to finish it off. By this time I am sure I would be all tuckered out and have to head back to the hotel for a well earned rest. Before retiring to my personal boudoir, I would purchase a glass of fine red Spanish wine, sip it casually and watch the radiant sunset, from the roof terrace of the Hotel Tres Sants.

Sadly, the next morning at the end of my sojourn, I would head back to Barcelona or other destinations and continue my White-Haired Trek, knowing that my past 24 hours was used for badly needed R&R on one of the world's finest incipient islands.

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