Friday, December 30, 2011

Who Sponsors the UN?

My curiosity arose recently, when I heard GOP presidential discussions on contributions to the United Nations. Obviously I thought that these monies were based on some sort of GNP, or equitable assessment, on a by country platform. I pulled what is the most recent year of reporting (2009) and was shocked beyond belief.

Please do not misunderstand my concern. I naively perceived all countries gave on a fair basis and the US might have a minimal larger share, as a result of housing the operation in our country. I do believe and understand, that many countries need our support and are not financially as well off as we are. This is not my dilemma.

I learned we actually contribute 25%, or about $589 million dollars of the entire budget, according to the spreadsheet below. China contributes $64 million, or about 2.5% of the United Nations budget. Think about that for a moment. Let it roll around your brain for a brief period. Our recent economic woes, have forced us to borrow a substantial quantity of money from China (in the billions of dollars), just to stay afloat and operate our ever expanding government. Why are we not knocking on their door and discussing this?

This link reflects the per country share of the United Nations budget for 2009. Please make note of the European contributions (even though the Euro is sinking rapidly) and donations from Canada and Mexico. Something is horribly wrong with this picture and our government needs to address the situation with the members who are not paying their share.

Each year we import 160 million barrels of oil from Saudi Arabia to keep our personal and corporate fleets moving. At $100 a barrel this is approximately $16 trillion dollars (how much is our national debt?). Saudi Arabia contributes a meager $18 million per year, according to the spreadsheet, or .6% of the United Nations budget. Help me understand why we contribute 50 times more than Saudi Arabia.

The link below is an article reflecting which countries we import oil from and the amount of barrels bought annually. The imported oil figure has gone from 28% (price per barrel was about $38) in 1980, over thirty years ago to 60% (price per barrel is around $100 these days) currently. Realistically, isn't it time to start drilling on our properties and develop our oil fields? How can you argue against this, when we are so upside down and purchasing massive amounts of foreign oil?

I know some of you are also arguing that we need to end our dependence on fossil fuels. I have no issue with that either, but it will not happen over night and we need to drill until other means are established. As Solyndra and other projects have proven, we cannot stop the use of fossil fuels in the short term and there is no quick alternative.

I am, by no means advocating we isolate ourselves from the rest of the world, but I do find it appropriate to demand other countries step up and set this right. We cannot and should not bankroll the entire world. We need to create a system of payment at the United Nations, that has countries compensate on a more equitable basis.

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  1. Well, Mike, I watched Newt on Piers Morgan's show on CNN last night. Newt reminds me of Scotty Massey's dad so much. I really think Newt is smart/intelligent. But I also see an evil streak in him. Seems to be the type that if you hack him off, you're a dirtbag from then on with him. Maybe true of my guy,too, who know's? Anyway, I'm good for a nice interview with Newt, but in my book he's talking above "we the people". I don't think he really cares for the regular guy at all. I think he cares "incrementally" more for the little guy than Mitt or Rick (S) does. This is because Newt has indeed been humbled somewhat with some of his life's choices. Anyway, in the whole hour not once did he seem bothered that we're almost at 100% inflation. (T.Boone said yesterday that gas will be $5 a gal. by Spring 2012.) Yesterday I bought groceries after getting my SS check and what I coulda bought a year ago for $50, was $90. I used to go out to restaurants 4-6 time a week, now twice and I order Senior menu or 1/2 plate..or specials. Maybe that's "good" for me spiritually, but it's not good for business. In conclusion, I'll give you that the interview was "good", but I still favor "my good country Dr." over Newt. However if the "Dr." doesn't make it, I'll hold my nose and vote for Newt over Mitt any day of the week.

    What do Mitt and BO have in common? Both are well funded by Goldman Sachs. That tells you that this election could quickly become a soviet style "2-party" show election.

    Nice to Blog, Mike
    God bless now